VCLog CM Solutions

VCLog CM Server

Brief Introduction

  • Support VoIP Recording Solution
  • Accurately distribute VoIP data packet to the corresponding recording server

1 + 1 / N+1 Hot Standby

  • uMonitor voice recording server operation ,  achieve N+1 hot standby
  • uCMServer own 1+1 hot standby
    ─ two CMServer, one main server and one backup server. main server will always in active mode and spare server will be in standby mode. Once the main server is down, the backup server will take place. When the main server back to normal, the backup server will back to standby mod

System Structure


VCL_System Structure


Normal Working 

VCL_normalworking   VCL_normalworking2


VCLog Backup Server running   



CMServer backup server running



CM Server Backup Server