Retail Integrated Video Solution

iSap Retail Video Solution

Table of Contents

  • Video based Loss Prevention→ Key to Retail Profitability
  • iSAPRetail Integrated Video Solution Offering
  • POS Integration Capabilities
  • Remote Auditing/ Management Requirements
  • Exception Reporting Capabilities
  • Retail Project Management
  • iSAPIntegrated Video Solution Deployment



Point of Interests in a storePeople



iSAPIntegrated Video Solution Offering

  • Business Analytics Server (BAS)
    –Store KPI, exception report
    –Store traffic report, trend analysis
    –Audit store remotely, download video
  • Video Analytics Server (VAS)
    –People counting algorithm
    –Filter cart, back-pack, stroller
    –Synchronize traffic information to BAS
  • POS Transaction Server (PTS)
    –Exception list, alert and management
    –Review exception and video, Incident Report
    –Reports on exceptions, deviation, summary data
  • Hybrid Network Video Recorder (Hybrid NVR)
    –Manages analog and IP camera
    –Live monitoring, Instant playback, Event management
    –Synchronous playback, export evidence, smart search



Target Retail Segments



Integration ReadyPlatform

  • Add new IP Camera
    –Camera driver (through network or capture card)
    –Camera capability
  • Add new POS Register
    –POS register driver (through network)
    –POS transaction parser
  • Add new I/O devices
    –Access control box driver
  • Integrate external data source
    –Excel, CSV format
    –Workforce management, ERP data