OpenScape 4000

OpenScape 4000

The OpenScape 4000 software installed on the Linux SLES 11 SP1 operating system offers a full set of converged enterprise-class communication features.



System features

  • Integrated connectivity for analog, TDM, and VoIP subscribers
  •  Cost-saving Least Cost Routing for analog, TDM and IP trunks
  • Integrated attendant functions
  • Different time zones
  • Multilingual user interfaces
  • Virtual numbering plan
  • Multi-tenant functionality
  • Integrated FlexRouting for Contact Center
  • Flexible configuration of local tones and announcements per branch office
  • Branch survivability
  • Gatekeeper redundancy for HFA subscribers
  •  Bandwidth resource manager for IP endpoints and branches
  •  Signaling (TLS) and Payload (SRTP) encryption for VoIP (Voice over IP) connections
  • PKI integration for Signaling and Payload encryption
  • CTI integration of businOpenScape_4000ess applications via CSTA III ASN1, CSTA XML  XML Phones Services interface for easy and cost-effective workflow integration
  • Call detail recording
  • Display of a picture from an LDAP directory in a call
  • Integration of SIP-based video endpoints
  • Emergency dialing
  • Multi-Level Precedence and Preemption (MLPP)

User features

  •  Redial
  • Speed dialing system/individual
  • Name key
  •  Call journal
  •  Toggling
  • Call transfer
  •  Call deflection
  • Callback
  •  Message Waiting Indication
  • Call waiting
  •  Call park
  •  Directed call park
  • Do Not Disturb
  • Flexible and enhanced call forwarding
  • Eight-party conference
  •  Direct station selection key function
  • Override and prevention of override
  •  Hotline
  •  Mobile HFA
    (network-wide user mobility)
  •  Personal ID number (PIN)
  • Executive/secretary functions
  •  Intercom features
  • Integrated multi-line key functionality
  •  Network-wide hunt groups
  • Network-wide pickup groups
  •  One-Number service – simultaneous ringing
  • Charge display
  • Acoustic and visual status for Signaling and Payload encryption
  • … and much more
    Regardless of whether you provide the desktops of your staff with digital system phones or IP phones of the
    OpenStage family, the handling or, respectively, the user interface to activate the features is identical on all phones.