VMS Solution
  1. IT friendly deployment -single HTTP port between server and clients
  2. EXACTLY same GUI for PCand web clients, no extra training or learning effort
  3. Live video is available for ANY browsers on ANY smartphones, tablets and PC platforms
  4. Powerful and flexible remote monitoring
    • User-customizable bandwidth control to meet ANY remote live viewing and playback requirements
    • Powerful transcoding to allow effective remote operations while maintaining high quality local viewing and recording
  5. New ONVIF profile S support –seamless design to allow plug-n-play
  6. Reliable and optimized storage design -no pre-allocation, minimize set up time
  7. NVR is available on both Windows and Linux platforms and reach 95% code reuse
  8. Single client for both Linux and Windows NVRs
  9. Partners with industry-proven IPC vendors for hardware –top tier production quality for a complete system
  10. Flexible and fast integration to meet business/application requirements