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Multi-Tech Group (Multi-Tech Telecom) was established in 1997 and primarily engaged in the telecommunication business to provide communication networks and solution to SME customers. Over the years, Multi-Tech has enjoyed a fine reputation for providing world-class products, solutions and services in Hong Kong, Macau and the PRC.

We are committed to develop the telecommunications business in Greater China. Multi-tech had setup its southern Branch office in Guangzhou and Macau in order to the best service to our customers.

The Company’s Vision

Multi-Tech’s goal is to become a premier telecommunication service provider in Greater China. Committed to be a customer oriented company, Multi-Tech sees our customers as partners and the company believes that its success is built upon customers’ success. Therefore, world class service is provided to customers using state-of-the-art technologies. Multi-Tech Telecom envisions that telecommunications will become a global business and the company is well positioned for this challenge.

Geographic Coverage

Multi-Tech and its affiliates have offices in several major cities in China, Hong Kong, and Macau. Technical staff and representatives are based in these locations to serve customers’ needs providing them with the best service and support.

Our Clients

Our clientele covers industries of Banking, Finance, Hospitality, Manufacturer, Logistic, Casino as well as the government of the HKSAR and Macau SAR.